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  • I wanted to thank the Staff and Funeral Directors who handled the viewing and Funeral ceremony. With the challenges of weather, straight line winds, the loss of power and the disruption of your initial plans. Your professional and competent demeanor maintained the dignity of the viewing and visitation for the family and officers present. The ceremony at the Church also presented numerous challenges as well. And again the staff and Funeral Directors displayed outstanding patience and compassion for the family and all present. Please commend all involved in both ceremonies. Shelby County Sheriff B.O
  • I would like to post about the excellent care we had during my mother's funeral, L.K.H , in October 2014. We were so impressed with how this rite has evolved since our father's passing in 1998. Every wish or thought we had was immediately implemented creatively with none of the effort on our part. Design of the program, music, contacting the minister, visitation requests, video, and flower colors and style became "fun" choices (an odd idea) at such a sad time. L and G were intelligent and empathetic without the moroseness one fears with these duties. Please convey to them or use any of this you wish to assure others how happy we were with the funeral of Lorna Klyce Hilbun. We left feeling like old friends. Hi Ann Russell! Sorry it took me so long to do this. G.H.C
  • On behalf of my family I want to commend your employee, Roosevelt Brown, for years of caring for myself and my family as we have buries my parents, my son J. and infant daughters A. and S. at Memorial Park. I have regularly tended their graves since 1986 and have needed Roosevelt in many situations. He is skillful with the backhoe but more importantly is reliable, caring, diligent and comforting in his service. His ministry to me and my family, any time, any where and any way has been healing and caring - just what Memorial Park is all about
    Dr. J.B. L.
  • To the Staff - Please accept again my sincere gratitude for the professionalism, care and attention given to my mom and me. This fortunately was the first funeral that I have had to arrange and each of you helped me tremendously. Hannah and Pete were especially kind in helping begin the process and Brad and Sarah were part of my "rock" during Friday the 7th of November.
  • I can't say enough about how helpful everyone was during this difficult time. The only suggestions would be to encourage young adults to save money for unexpected situations like a death. I was very overwhelmed having to pay for my sisters funeral on 3 credit cards.
  • To Whom it may Concern - I recently, and quite unexpectedly I found myself in Memphis. As I have relatives and very close family friend at Memorial Park, I , on the spur of the moment stopped in. Not sure that I could find who I'd be looking for, especially the family friend, I was most graciously greeted and helped by your staff members. First a thin you man out outside, then Ms Patrick in the office, and was escorted to the correct locations by a gentleman named Raoul I believe. I really wanted to say thanks to Memorial Park and these Staff Members for their helpfulness and kindness.
  • Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers during this time. We appreciate your support and encouragement in our time of need. God Bless you and your families.
    The Family of H.R.
  • Dear Mr. Farmer and Staff - My Family and I would like to express our gratitude for the preparations made with regard to our loved one's funeral. The limo service which picked us up at our home and the police escort were so special and touching. We greatly appreciate what you did to make that possible.
  • Dear Memorial Park Team - I am writing one note to all of you, because all of you ( many I do not know names) made the experience of handling my mother's death a much easier one that I ever could have expected. From the time we called, your preparedness with her information, your compassion, your flexibility, your availability, your knowledge and expertise, you attention to detail, your willingness to accommodate and your follow up for many months after her funeral was all outstanding. I can not imagine a better group of people any where else. My siblings and I thank you for serving us so well.
  • Thank each of you for all your help with the service. I thought everything was fine and she looked so pretty. She is finally at peace and so happy so I have to be too.