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Funeral Services


Customized Funeral Services

Honoring your loved ones during the coronavirus pandemic

If you are facing the loss of a loved one right now, we're here for you and are ready to help you find a way to honor your loved one in a meaningful and lasting way. Due to the everchanging regulations, we encourage you to call us at (901) 302-9980 with any questions you have or to talk through your options.

During this time, our goal is to give you and your family peace of mind with a memorialization that properly honors your loved one while following the guidelines now in place.

24/7 Care

Our funeral directors are still available by phone 24/7 to help arrange for transportation of your loved one to our location and to provide for the preparation and care of your loved one for as long as needed during this time.

Phone & Online Appointments

All arrangements can be made remotely during this time. We can put all plans in place in a way that's most convenient for you. Whether it's by phone, video conference or email, we'll work with you to make sure you're comfortable with the arrangements.

Private Viewing & Service

We can work with you to create a customized service for immediate family. These services must follow all guidelines set by the CDC and state and local government, so this would have to be carefully planned with our team to ensure the safety and welfare of all in attendance.

Live Web Streaming

The limitations that have been set around group sizes applies to funeral services as well. Because of this, live web streaming can allow more family and friends to honor the life of your loved one at one time.

Recorded Service

We can record the service for you to share with family and friends and customize the recording to include personal messages and condolences that will make this a lasting tribute to your loved one.

Cremations & Burials

There are no changes in how we conduct cremations or burials at this time. Any memorialization services can be adapted to meet the regulations now in place or held at a later time when the rules have been lifted.


Consider having a memorial service once the rules and regulations have been lifted. We are here to help you plan and prepare for when this day comes.

Contact us at (901) 302-9980 with any questions you have, whether a loved one has passed or you're thinking about putting a plan in place for yourself or a family member. We know these times are hard for everyone, emotionally and financially.